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Little boy playing with a truck at pre-school
Photos for coat pegs

We have been asking parents/carers to bring in a photo of their child for the coat pegs, and also a family photo that they can share with others and encourage discussion around family.

Pleas for role play toys

If anyone has any unwanted hairdryers, straighteners or hairbrushes for the children’s hairdressers box, we would be very grateful. The children will love this!

Thank you for your support

Every year we try to run as many fundraisers as we can in various forms to help support Pre-School financially.

Thank you to all our parents/carers for their support with the photos, DVD’s and attending our events.

This year we need lots of support again please.

We also always need help on Committee, we cannot run without one, so if you can spare a few hours a term to attend meetings, and are willing to help us with ideas for fundraisers and putting them into practice, please speak with Charlotte.

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